St. Joan will pay for only one tournament for each team.   The maximum reimbursement will be $245.00

For MVP and Flames Athletics Tournaments, we have an arrangement with those leagues to bill the Parish directly, so please use Option 2 below.  DO NOT send a check directly to tournaments run by these programs.

For Non-MVP/Flames Tournaments, you have two ways to pay for the Tournament:

  1.  You pay for the tournament directly and send the tournament information to barnesrs@comcast.net for reimbursement.   You will be reimbursed by St Joan of Arc CYO.  For this option, please send the following information:
    1. Tournament Name/Information:
    2. To whom did you make the check made payable to
    3. Address, City, Zip of the payee
    4. Your Team Number (either St Joan’s Team or TriValley team)
  1. Send the tournament information to   .   St Joan of Arc CYO will then send in the registration fee on your behalf.   Please allow St Joan of Arc CYO ample time (at least a week) to do this.  Tournament information needed:
    1. Name and Address of the Tournament
    2. Name and Phone Number/eMail Address of the Tournament Director or Contact Person
    3. Date of the Tournament
    4. Cost of the Tournament
    5. Who to make the check payable to
    6. Deadline to send in check
    7. Your team number (either St Joans or TriValley)

Should your team decide to participate in any additional tournaments, all fees will be your/your team’s responsibility. 

CYO rules state that each team may only participate in 4 tournaments during a season.